Culture As A Function of Learning

Focused learning processes to drive transformation

Sitting down with Peder Söderlind, CEO at Glykol, either IRL or in a video conference like the one we just did, always become a learning journey in itself. You know you will deepen your insights on the topic being discussed. 

“When people begin to learn, only then culture in organizations can evolve and progress”.

Without a focused learning processes - both individually and in groups - opportunities to build or produce anything of significance or of great impact are often rare and far in between.

Peder sound truly convinced when suggesting that; “People need assistance and support in formulating their need for information”. I must admit that I’m equally convinced and this is precisely the main reason why we are beginning our shared learning journey of Lead To Learn.

Further investigating and diving deeper into why this would hold true, Peder further suggests: “Allowing to actively and on a daily basis reflect upon what type of real time updated information would improve daily operations and task management, could assist in improving the way you engage and interact with both customers and your own organization”.

So, how could we begin to unfold and dive deeper into any topic that could prove crucial in reaching our objectives?

One idea which Peder believe could help kickstart the learning process would be to; “select three individuals or experts, three models or theories and three books being most relevant to your topic of interest. Simultaneously immersing yourself and expanding your  learning process through these channels would significantly boost your learning process”. 

Note: We definitely will be sure to consider and implement these insights into our own learning model for the Lead To Learn learning journey.

A Continuous Career

As for how Peder sees the future of his career and on the question if he will still be in the same organization in five years his answer is a definite;
- “Yes, absolutely, I’ve found my stance in the organization that I work for and I’m truly passionate for what i do in this context. So yes, I can honestly say that I would like to develop my role and position further and stay on in this organization for some time to come”! 

Peder sees his future role in the shape of a “Global Culture Usability Analyst”. 

He is the first to admit that that there will likely be a great deal of transformation in his leadership role, especially in terms of “an increased demand and focus on abstract thinking and less work on concrete solutions”

The Challenge

Peder sees that his strengths lie in the field of research and analysis. Like for instance in the field of digital information management in the public sector, where Peder holds a black belt. He is driven by a passion for how we learn things, both individually and as a group. 

He claims that “this is especially important because it will determine how the world will evolve in the future.'' 

A clear reason being that with an ever growing world of complexity it’s becoming increasingly important who we choose to listen to and where we direct our attention.

His own learning process for the next couple of years will be directed toward becoming more of an engaged back seat driver, letting other people express themselves and take charge of the direction. 

Upgrading Skills

Peder says he believes that he needs to transform himself as a person and learn a completely different set of skills and capabilities compared to those he holds today. 

“If you don’t believe in what you need to learn you can’t believe in your vision”. 

With this mindset it will obviously become a whole lot easier to create a plan for what you think you may need to learn.

“Learning happen within the mind and in a social context simultaneously”. 

Facilitating Encounters for Learning

Technology allow learning to come at a cheaper cost, instantly at great distance allows for a more sustainable approach, like this interview for example.

“A video conference allow for zero travel and the ability to actually get it done even within the framework of a busy schedule”.

Lastly, I felt that I needed to ask Peder to rate his own digital learning capabilities on a scale of 0-10.
- “A happy 6”, Peder exclaims!

“The technology is developing at a much faster pace than I can manage. I need to catch up”! 

“For instance, I would love to learn how to create a world class seminars here on Zoom”.

Sounds great Peder, then we are at least two. Let’s learn and share our knowledge and insights when we’ve gathered a somewhat extended community through the Lead To Learn Learning Journey. Happy and thrilled that you wish to join and participate in this learning quest Peder!

Interview  by Jan Friman (@janfriman)

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